Brooks Was Here

by Brooks Was Here

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Majkel - guitar
Mateusz - vocals, bass
Kacper - drums


released September 24, 2012

Recorded in Mustache Ministry Studio by Brooks Was Here.
Mixed and mastered by Marcin Klimczak.
Lyrics by Mateusz Romanowski.
Photo by Filip Zubowski.
Cover by Rafał Gonta Woźniak.
Self-released 2012.



all rights reserved


Brooks Was Here Warszawa, Poland

POST-HARDCORE band based in Warsaw, Poland.


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Track Name: Offline Breakdown
False is all we know
False is all we need to show
False is all we know
I'm so bored, I'll get off

I hear the headache coming

Log in, log out, be free and fine, together

Crisis on the wall
Crisis that you used to know
My life is so low
Only screens can give me hope
Track Name: Invisible Hand
Your invisible hand
She'll teach you well
Toxic parents are upstairs
Hand will just take care
You got a milion ways to waste
your neverending faith
You got a milion ways to waste
but you'll try your chance

They promise you
That you'll get out of here

Your invisible hand
stole your house and chair
Your invisible hand
stole your well health care
Toxic parents here are dead
and noone around
Toxic parents here are dead
It's your glory sound
Track Name: Frames Of War
The guns to cavior index read
every page from 2003
when blood and money have to meet
every war is a terrorism
depattern me, well depattern them
Now everything is right to sell
so fight for democratic rights
the rights you never care about

Every move you know
frames of war
Every move you know is my next step
When my next step is another place to burn
Every move you know is my next step into
frames of war

Pay for all deads, let out all the prisoners

It's too late to leave the empty page
to put the rage on safer place
colonalize every part of earth
with private war and social pain
with social pain and social death
I hear the sound of ignorance
I hear the sound of ignorance
I want new kind of the consequence
Track Name: All Swindlers On Earth
we heard all swindlers on earth

we got right place to look at their hands
Track Name: Feed The Overweight Parts
I know, you feel fine when you keep your eyes closed
with beggars on every street that you could walk
I know, you're so excited with all that smiles
of the successful TV guys
I know, you don't care about the contents
I know, you don't care about noone around
apathy is only answer when the
witness is only advantage

What should I tell to make the things bright
What should I do to stay on the same blind side
What should I do to accept that all
injustice is side effect of that
When violence and burning bodies
is just a part of a gods mistake. I'd rather be dead
than stand with the idle hands, stand with the idle hands

What more to erase?
Suffer and failures are good and good and well
What more to accept?
Gain for the richest and survive for the rest and rest
Money greed 'll dig your grave, your money greed 'll dig your grave
Track Name: Post War Love Kampf
Walking around in the rhythm of dead time, in the rhythm of a last high
Where are you now after all our crimes against living the dull life
Delete me soon, please I cancel you too, we got shapes of each other
Somewhere between the first and last think, we just become sober

Yes, we built the world we could't change
Maybe we're points we shouldn't match
Yes, it doesn't matter what you'll play again
Bury me whatever it'll take

I'm playing you back and I'm playing you down, if you still exist now
You got your remorse and I got mine too, but we're just get through

We built hopes and fears, and a space to forget and it was the first step
We left a new walls and the silence around, dismemberment safe plan