High Violence

by Brooks Was Here

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Majkel - guitar
Mateusz - vocals, guitar
Kacper - drums
Demian - bass


released October 5, 2013

Recorded in Studio111 by Brooks Was Here.
Mixed in Studio111 by Marcin Buzniak&Piotr Staniszewski.
Mastered in Prusiewicz Sound Studio by Marcin Prusiewicz.
Lyrics by Mateusz Romanowski except "Bluesmith" by Bibi Żbikowska
Graphic design by Bjørn Johansen.
Jagged Kid 2013



all rights reserved


Brooks Was Here Warszawa, Poland

POST-HARDCORE band based in Warsaw, Poland.

BOOKING CONTACT: brookswasherepl@gmail.com

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Track Name: Under Control
Everytime we walk there to the same place
Everytime we know there are no changes

Ten milion bombs into the earth
won't give the name to every nameless
but ten milion thoughts on every head
won't turn us back to other cages

Is it there anyway?

Everytime we choose the same mistakes
Everytime we have no alternative
constructs are alive, but we stay dead
under control of our products
Track Name: Five Broken Cameras
why you waste our, waste our ground
why you scare our, scare our minds
why you stole our, stole our land
four broken cameras is all I've got

Pull down our same old homes
Line up against the same new walls
Shoot the next and let us fall
When you got rifles we’ve got stones
Track Name: Underclass Consumers
Everybody out into the streets
Everybody out, we miss the homes but noone cares, we miss the homes but noone cares, well
Let's grab the goods from the richest part of our town
Don't believe they're too saint
Don't believe they're too saint for that

That's why we can't enjoy that consequence
That's why we know that all that system failed
They fenced our ground, try to grab our air
to became lords of underclass consumers

-I think that your classist bullshit have to end

All structures fell down, all became clean
nobody bleeds here, nobody bleeds here, nobody here
Their property is the right to steal so fuck police and
spliff to their uniforms
Track Name: Factory Floor
Just work and try until you die, just work and try when noone's around
We did everything that you pray for, We did everything that you pray for, lord *

I sit and bleed on factory floor

All slaves there look into the ground
on call-centers, cafeterias
All slaves there have no way back
There are no unions between lonely parts

We did everything that you pray for, We did everything that you pray for, lord
All modern gods take the rest of lust, all modern gods
Track Name: White White Creeps
when they come to break all illegal minds in your district when
when they come to scare all romanians boys you'll just don't care
when they talk about homo-lobby's and white white white white pride
when they stay around, you'll ignore or agree but I think It's wrong

I think It's wrong

all those silly boys scared of girls and the rainbows
all those silly boys, when you disagree they'll hit you
all those silly boys in the name of god and the property
all those silly boys, ask them how to be the white white creeps

white white creeps

Every policeman want his nazi TV
Every businessman want to be in nazi TV
Every politician needs his own nazi TV
Everyone tries to tell it's not a nazi TV

And next white white guys with their white white shirts under black black ties
Upper middle class, housing estates and all stuff like that
Everyone wants guns to protect their children from the other ones
After private school learn all white white how to stay forever fool

forever fool
Track Name: Bluesmith
look in those eyes, that kiss will leave a trace
those eyes who only know contempt
that breath has long ago gone sour
why are you that blind?

Why do you wait for the monster to wake?
For the pain to come?
For your heart to break?
Why do you wait for the monster to wake again?

Why do you wait for the monster to wake?
For the pain to come?
For your heart to break?
Why do you wait for the monster to wake again?

Run away, run away, we could run away, run away, we could run away, run away now

Stop, I don’t want the world to end again
I don’t want to hear that mess no more
god, where are you when I am so scared?
I dream under the bed